Hemp Bison Skull Snapback
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Hemp Bison Skull Snapback

Hemp Bison Skull Snapback
Hemp Bison Skull Snapback
Hemp Bison Skull Snapback
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Sustainable & US Made Wide Brim 5 Panel Trucker

A hat that's truly on a higher level: Made from heavyweight, 100% hemp canvas,. But don't let the word "heavy" fool you, hemp is light and airy. It breathes extremely well, and it has both naturally occuring anti-microbial and UPF propertiesOne of the most comfortable and strongest hats in our arsenal, its destined to become an all time favourite. 

If you don't know about hemp, its as much a luxury fabric as it is durable and sustainable one. Hemp is 8 times as strong, and its crop yields 2-3 times more than cotton, while using far less water and none of the pesticides. And where king cotton leeches nutrients out of the soil, hemp builds soil, and will actually  extract pollutants from the soil, and a whole lot of Co2 from the air.

Throughout history, industrial hemp was the fiber of choice for weaving canvas (The word canvas comes from the word cannabis),  yet post industrial society has shunned it, in part due to the global prohibition of marijuana, but mainly because cotton is the cheaper and easier crop to harvest and process. Had technological advancement gone into hemp harvesting/processing as it has for cotton or synthetics, this fabric would surely have retained its place on the throne. Sadly, today hemp pulp accounts for only .05% of the global pulp supply. And all hemp fabric used in the United States is imported, mainly from China. Though demand for it is growing, its still a very expensive commodity.

We secured a roll of black, duck 14 oz canvas, constructed it into our deep, 5-panel  flat brim mesh style and finished it with an oversized Bison sewn patch (from our Skull series with Denver artist, Jamie Givens). Dark grey contrast stitching all around. Black snapback. American Made.

10% of each sale of this cap will be donated to the Buffalo Field Campaign to help protect America's last free bison herd.

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Mark D. | 5 reviews

Brandon L. | 5 reviews

The hemp canvas Bison Skull hat is finely crafted, fits well, and gives western style some flare. Oh the wind blows cold on the trail of the buffalo...
Andrew M. | 5 reviews

Sweet Hat. Love the flat brim.
Jeremy P. | 5 reviews

wear the hat everyday! It's comfortable and stylish. I even used it in my photoshoot and music video!
michael b. | 5 reviews

love the hat. already gotten a couple compliments on it. Fits well, and I'll probably end up buying another one

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