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Since its launch nearly ten years ago, dedicate has won a loyal following from the men and women who live in, work in, or love to visit America's wildest corners. From pro snowboarders to smoke jumpers, from elk hunters to dairy farmers.


We make functional gear for those who like classic style and don't want to be walking billboards for a corporate box brand (or any brand, for that matter). Our flagship product, The Classic, an unstructured mesh hat, was originally created as the one indispensable item to bring on surf trips, along with a carry-on.

We've since expanded that ethos to all of our products. All of our hats, t-shirts, beanies, and hoodies are made with the backpack in mind, not the closet. They are never disposable pieces. And since we produce them in small batches and as locally and sustainably as possible, these are products with not only higher value, but higher values.

Our designs celebrate the places we're proud to have experienced from the ground up, and the locales that will always feel like home, no matter where we end up. These are the terrains and cultures to which we've become dedicated. And though we love the look of a brand new hat, we prefer one that's been beaten up, worn in and worn out. At dedicate, we think people and hats look great when they've lived a little.

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