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Green Mountain Boys Trucker Hat

Green Mountain Boys Trucker Hat

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The only time you're going to spot a Green Mountain Boys Flag is when you're up in Vermont. Likewise,  dedictae's the only brand you're going to find making a Green Mountain Hat. 

After the Declaration of Indepence was declared, the territory that is now Vermont, declared not just independence from Great Britian but independence as its own republic. Anyone who knows VT, knows that its independence has always been a point of pride for its people. The Green Mountain Boys were the original regulators of what is still one of the most beautiful, naturally blessed spots in North America. They also kicked much redcoat ass.

Our take on this esteemed flag incorporates US milled denim derived from US farmed, sustainably grown cotton. Classic indigo color matched to navy blue mesh and snapback with an all over gold contrast stitch highlighting the border of the vintage style flag patch.

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