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JAHlorado Colorado Rasta Flag Trucker Hat

JAHlorado Colorado Rasta Flag Trucker Hat

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The JAHlorado curve brim hat is the Rasta color version of our OG Colorado state flag hat. Blacked out with matching red and green stitching on mesh and brim. Our latest and greatest version couples heavy duty Organic Duck Canvas with American made craftsmanship for nothing but the high grade.

Organic cotton is a premium, sustainable fabric. Unlike Acrylic (which most ball caps are now made of), its biodegradable and won't contain the carcinogens (such as vinyl cyanide, Acrylic's main ingredient), that can leech into the skin of those who wearing it, and exposes those who make the products while polluting the surrounding environment. Besides being non-toxic, organic cotton is also highly breathable. The cotton crown on these hats allow more air to circulate to the head, which means a cooler, less sweaty dome piece. Cotton duck is textured and has a more subtle, natural color tone which will fade some over time and add to the character of the cap. 

This is one of our first American made Colorado hats. Almost every product made overseas are produced by workers who can't earn enough wages to live and are working in sweatshops that are unsafe. BUMBACLOT! Making our hats in the USA means guaranteed sweatshop-free manufacturing. The factory that made these hats not only pays their workers a living wage, but pays their Federal payroll taxes and employee health insurance. RIGHT!

Made with a deeper cut, though not too deep, these are designed for medium to XL heads. If you've got a smaller head, this hat will probably cover both your ears when you're wearing it. Buckram backed crown. Black Snapback. Always limited edition. 

These hats are certified ORI-JAH-NAL.

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