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Longhorn Skull Men's T-Shirt Indigo Blue

Longhorn Skull Men's T-Shirt Indigo Blue

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A subtle print of a longhorn skull on a heather blue T-shirt The longhorn descended from the first breed of cattle brought into the New World with Christopher Colombus. Long after the Spaniards brought them North,  a tough lineage of these survived wild in the wide open rangeland of Texas. Early US settlers captured these beasts and crossbred them into what became an elite, drought resistant breed. Modern advanvements saw the decline of this stock allowing ranchers to opt for less hardy breeds. Today, fortunately, the Longhorn has made its come back and remains one of the true icons of the America's Wild West.  

This is the second in our skull series with Denver/Brooklyn artist, Jamie GIvens. We used a plastisol(oil-based) ink on this Tee to make the shull pop against a dark heather blue( indigo color) cotton/poly(Imported). The ink is as soft as plastisol comes and cannot be felt through these lightweight shirts. Check out more from our Longhorn skull series, below. 

The fit is just a tad bit tighter than normal, but not enough for a size up. Handprinted in small batches in our LA shop. 

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