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Made in USA Wyoming Ranched Merino 22 Beanie

Made in USA Wyoming Ranched Merino 22 Beanie

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7 years of beanie development is applied to our 100% US grown premium line.  These Winter hats were machine knit in America using a blend of Alpaca and Rambouillet locally ranched in our home state of Wyoming. Rambouillet is a superior breed of Merino which was brought to America in colonial times and is one of the most popular sheep breeds in The American West.

Alpaca has a semi-hollow fiber which allows for superior heat retenion, This is the kind of beanie you want in your sleeping bag when you're camped out in cold weather or on you head when you're cresting a mountain top in a big Winter storm.

Its also low moisture absorbent and has great wicking properties, which makes it the perfect blend for merino, which will retain moisture (and remain warm) . Since our wool is undyed, and minimally processed, it retains much of the sheep's lanolin, a natural water repellant, so it won't get weighed down by excess moisture and will help keep your head dry when the wetness turns on. Rambouillet has amazing memory, so insted of blowing out like synthetic knits do, this beanie will spring back to form.

These lids were designed with a deep enough cut that it can be doubled over/ cuffed for twice the warmth.

The tan heather tone is derived only from the natural colors of the animals' fleeces. Finished with our trademark stamped 22 leather label.

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