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Men's Bison Sun Gold T-Shirt

Men's Bison Sun Gold T-Shirt

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A classic T-shirt for the American West. The American Plains Bison has become a recurring theme for our brand and is synonymous with the Wild West. One of the only genetically pure, free roaming buffalo herds in the US is down open road from dedicate WYO-HQ. 

The Wyoming Flag, one of  our flaghsip designs, features the White Buffalo, which is a symbol of abundance and manifestation in The Legend of The White Buffalo Calf Woman, a Lakota prophecy telling of a change ushering in purity of mind, body, and spirit and the unification of all nations.

This Bison print was inspired by Native American by the Ute People, of the Southern Rockies. Printed at dedicate's own studio in South Central LA (by an real Native American), this unique and difficult sideways "ombre" print utilizes 3 different waterbased inks on one screen. The gold shirt is a heathered blend of cotton/polyester/rayon for super soft hand. These have a fitted cut, so if you like a loose fit, size up. Made in extremely small batches.  

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