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Men's 10th Mountain Division Supima Cotton T-Shirt

Men's 10th Mountain Division Supima Cotton T-Shirt

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Our premium cut & sew supima T-shirts for the skiing's original armed elite; The 10th Mountain Division. Some of it's earliest troops were recruited by the fledgling US Ski Patrol (helmed by Stowe's Minnie Dole, the group's founder) and consisted of some of the best skiers and mountaineers in the US, even Europe. The 10th trained hard for World War II in extreme alpine conditions with a base camp on Tennessee Pass, Colorado, near Leadville. With only 4 months spent at War, the division suffered the highest casualty rate of any other division, but effectively crushed the German resistance in Italy's Northern Appinines. After the War, veterans of the 10th established much of Amerca's present day ski industry.

With some of our own roots based in nearby Vail Valley (Vail itself was started by a 10th Mountain member), as well as Stowe,Vermont, the story of this design is one that's influenced the history of our own brand. We've printed (using non-toxic waterbase inks) an extrememly limited run of these on our most high end T-shirts.

We made these shirts in America, using US farmed cotton. They were knit in the USA with heathered yarn to create a classic heathered look, but without synthetic fibers. Because we've used 100% supima cotton, which is 3 times stronger than normal cotton, we were able to knit these as light as possible. And with natural fiber, these shirts can breathe, ensuring maxium airflow. Wearing one of these shirts is as close it it gets to wearing no shirt, at all. 

For a great read on the history of this esteemed division, check out McCay Jenkins' The Last Ridge


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