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Oxford Pocket Hat Blue

Oxford Pocket Hat Blue

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Here's a hat stacked with both style and function: Inspired by the ubiquitous Oxford dress shirt, we built these with 3.5 ounce 100% Cotton Oxford sourced from one of the preeminent yarn dyeing mills in Japan. 

And while its up for debate whether a dress shirt should have a pocket or not, there's few who will fault the subtle, built in pocket on this hat. We made it large enough to fit a few ATM cards and some cash, and snug enough so that they won't fall out. 

We also built these with a bendable short brim, for low maintenance, stuff it in a pocket or in a handbag without worrying about it.  And unlike most ball caps, the shorter but wider brim pairs really well with sunglasses. 

And this is the first hat that we've released that we would consider a truly Unisex style, in that its truly stylish for both Men and Women. With a medium depth and our unique "22" adjustable strap, this will definitely fit the largest array of heads of any of our hats, though may not look as good on XL/XXL heads.


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